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How much does waterproofing cost

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A variety of issues are behind this phenomenon. The most common are:why waterproofing is necessaryFactors That Affect Overall  waterproofing cost Project

The waterproofing cost calculate on the basis of square meters. Nothing is worse for homeowners and businesses that have basements, than water damage to the inside of their structure.

Sadly, moisture buildup or water leakage (from the pipes) ultimately lead to damage – which costs homeowners and businesses a lot in the long-run. If remaining unchecked for a long time, water damage within the walls of a room can make day-to-day life difficult and even halt business operations indefinitely.

The one place where moisture buildup and water leakage is a big problem are basements, either in a home or commercial building. Waterproofing can cost quite a lot depending on a number of things.

waterproofing cost

A variety of issues are behind this phenomenon. The most common are:

  • Poor drainage on home’s exterior
  • Groundwater seeping up (and in) a water table below foundation
  • Condensation forming
  • Actual leaks in the foundation

waterproofing cost


why waterproofing is necessary

There are some visible signs of a moisture problem as well, such as:

  • Condensation formed on the walls
  • Water pooling
  • Musty odor

As mentioned earlier, the problem gets worse if left untreated overtime i.e. leaks and cracks appear on the walls and leading to mold. A lot of expensive damage to the foundation also takes place. Waterproofing is the number one solution to fix this issue, reversing the damage caused by moisture buildup. But how much costly is waterproofing? Several factors actually affect the overall cost of waterproofing a room, such as a basement.

waterproofing cost


Factors That Affect Overall  waterproofing cost Project

Obviously, the very first thing people should do when faced with a moisture problem is call the experts, straightaway. A waterproofing contractor is usually called for fixing such issues. Homeowners and businesses might be wondering how much undertaking such a job could cost them. Well, a waterproofing contractor will first evaluate the extent of damage. He or she won’t provide an estimate immediately, on a phone call.


The contractor will first visit the home where the problem is taking place for analysis of the situation. Only then will the contractor provide with an estimate, after considering the following factors:

Cause of Water Problem

There are a lot of reasons why water enters a home. Many wrongfully believe that the damp walls in their basement are the result of cracks in the foundation. But in actuality, the reason is something simpler – the improper construction of a window well. The cost of the waterproofing project won’t be much if the problem is caused by a window well.

The Foundation

Another big factor that determines the cost is the condition of a home’s foundation. The contractor will need to spend more time in repairing the issue if the home has a deeper foundation. This will increase the cost.

Foundations of homes today are built using concrete. However, if a home is old… there’s a possibility that the foundation is made-up of bricks, clay or stone. What will happen? The contractor will have to utilize different methods for different types of foundation. This means overall cost of the project will change according the material that is used for building a foundation.

Other factors that affect overall cost of a waterproofing project are:

  • Location
  • Waterproofing materials used
  • Time constraints
  • Expertise of the contractor

Another crucial factor that affects overall cost is the method which is used by the contractor. Do you think there might be water damage in your basement? Call a waterproofing contractor today and find out the cost of your waterproofing project!


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