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The plant’s bituminous waterproofing membrane is made with all the specifications of a quality, standard and environmentally friendly insulator. And also the whole effort of the manufacturer team and the technical and laboratory experts is that these benefits have been maintained at all stages and for many years. These benefits also are maintained at all stages and for many years, and consumer satisfaction is primarily important.

The company was established in order to produce moisture insulators and various types of industrial bitumen. This collection is managed by an experienced technical engineer and utilizes the latest technology in the world. This waterproofing membrane plant has been operating for over a number of years and has been operating with 100% refined bitumen and using high quality raw materials. Production of various types of moisture insulation.


An anti-humidity layer of asphalt also is one of the most important cases of moisture insulation in the building that can affect the structure of the building.
Waterproofing membrane also is a type of coating to insulate the roof. And also any other structure against rainwater and moisture from snow, rain and humid.
The materials that make up the rubble are definitely bitumen and synthetic fibers with a median duration of 10 years. Isogam is a type of coating made of bitumen and synthetic fibers that is bonded by heat over the surface of the substrate. And also prevents the penetration of water and moisture into the lower part of it.

Types of rubble according to their main ingredient are divided into two categories:

  • Polymer rubble: The material also used in this type of rubble is a pure bitumen. Also which is 70-60 in the refinery and from the distillation of crude oil. The pure bitumen also divide into two solids and solids by the refining result. The naming of pure bitumen is based on the degree of penetration, and the part used is roof sealing.
  • Blown BOF: The main constituent of this model also is blown bitumen rubble that results from blown air into a petrol or petrol furnace. And also has a lower quality and lower lifetime than polymeric rubbers. Blown bitumen has a lower sensitivity to temperature than the pure bitumen compared to temperature changes, degree of softness and degree of penetration.

The bituminous waterproofing membrane based on the layers used each have a different price.

  • Single layer laminate

    Made from polyester materials and has a high flexibility and flexibility.

  •  Dual layer rubble

    Thick and thick polyester with a high strength.

Aluminum coated aluminum coats with a non-coated aluminum coat, as well as a pewter lining with different prices.

Waterproofing or waterproofing widely use in industrial and construction applications, including:

  •  Roofing Insulation: The most commonly used membrane site for installation on the ceiling of the building
  •  Installation of bodywork bodywork: for walls of parking lots, etc.
  •  Foam flooring installation
  •  Insulation of ponds and water and irrigation canals
  •  Insulation of large housings
  •  Floor and wall insulation of pools
  •  Building insulation
  •  Insulation of water tanks
  •  Air bridges
  •  Class parking
  •  Poultry and livestock
  •  cold stores

The company has been able to use the first-class facilities and materials in the world’s largest moisture insulators. The use of technology and technology in the production of standard ISO and the excellent service in the reputation of this factory has been impressive.

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